Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

What A Wonderful World

I am still basking in the new joy and excitement of another granddaughter (Javey Elizabeth Baird) born earlier this week. Have you ever heard the song "What a Wonderful World"? I love that song more and more the older I get. Louis Armstrong's raspy voice is beautiful when he sings it.

I know, I know ... it's very clear that the world is flawed. We earthlings have problems on the horizon everywhere.

I used to watch TV but for the most part ... I quit doing that. I guess I got tired of being told in every commercial and TV show that I wasn't good enough to own this car, that house, this boat, these vacations, this body, that portfolio, this lifestyle or that career. Crime is rampant and it is advertised moments after it happens in gruesome detail. It seems like bad news is broadcast wider than anything good. Any given day you can encounter stories telling us that we are heading to disaster with the O-Zone layer, famine, poverty, the destruction of human life and on and on and on.

So I shut it off.

It's not hard to see a very gray world. I just gotta stop! You may think I have put my head in the sand when I say this ... but this old boy can't deal with that picture anymore. I am not invincible ... as I once believed. I am older. I looked at my skin up close with a high power microscope and wow does that look scarey. I really am living under a curse. Nobody gets outta here alive!

This is why I photograph anything beautiful. I want people to see the remaining beauty in this world that is everywhere ... and it is screaming for our attention. When I take these pictures I feel incredibly blessed. I can also worship the creator God who breathed these things into being. I see God when I look at Javey's perfect little hands.

I celebrate the majesty of His creation. I am humbled by His willingness to provide a way for me to find Him personally. I am a very flawed man. Just ask anyone I work with or live with ... but in Christ alone I have been given great hope for eternity. Do you know Him?

One day, Jesus will repair this earth and it will be even better. Yes! Better! Can you imagine what it looked like thousands of years ago? One day I will have hands that look like Javey's again. Everything will be restored again. What a wonderful world. What a wonderful God! What a wonderful Savior IS JESUS my LORD!

Rejoice and be glad!
NikonSniper Steve

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcoming Javey Elizabeth Baird

On December 13th, we welcomed our newest family arrival into the world. Javey Elizabeth Baird arrived a little early to Joel & Chelsea Baird of Woodstock, IL. She is now our 6th granddaughter. Javey has made her self known from early on to be quite a kicker. We can now embrace her softly in our hands while she catches up on her sleep. Javey and Chelsea are recovering well and we are grateful to God for her safe arrival.
The surprise arrival of Javey this year makes the Christmas season especially exciting for her five girl-y cousins who live across town.
Javey is a tiny 5lbs, 6oz and is something to see. She is a beautiful miracle that God has allowed us to hold.
In Ephesians Chapter 1, we learn that we are eternally known by God. We learn that we were in fact known by Him prior to the foundation of the earth. What an awesome plan! God's love, grace and mercy have once again been bestowed upon us. We thank Him for allowing us the full joy of another safe arrival. I am such a blessed poppy.
Atta girl Chelsea! May God be glorified in Javey's life and through yours as you and Joel begin a house of three!