Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homebound Till Monday

Well, here I sit again. This time, Tucson International Airport. I am waiting to jump a ride back to Chicago through Dallas. It was nice to see some new scenery here in Arizona for a change. Arizona is amazing! I will be on the ground for a few days back in Illinois then it's off to, ... you guessed it, Los Angeles! This will be the 6th trip to L-A since December. It's starting to feel like I know the people in the hotels there.
Anyway, I am looking forward to getting home and seeing family ... and a friend of mine (John) who just bought a Nikon D90. For the last year or so, John has been jumping in the car with me and wandering around Illinois and Wisconsin taking pictures when I am home. John was using a Nikon D70 ... and now he has upgraded to the Nikon D90. There are many big feature jumps in this switch so I know he will be very "gungho" to hit the backroads of the Midwest again.
Some news. As many of you know, I travel Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona for the company that feeds my family. I have been afforded the great photographic fortune of seeing the Western USA all while traveling to printing companies in the West. My territory has now been expanded to include Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Is that too cool, or what?
Well, I am now preparing for some runs to Colorado that should bring me closer to a great number of you who follow NikonSniper. What an opportunity! It is great to represent a company for more than 23 years that you love and to be able to photograph the Wild Wild West along the way. Photography is a great pastime when you are away from home as much as I have been in the last 9 months. So look out! I could be driving down a road near you soon. I am the guy with the camera hanging out the window that suddenly stops with little or no notice. If I hear your horn blarring behind me ... I'll just assume that's your Western Way to say hello to we who are stunned by the scenery God created ... that you get to see everyday.
Have a great Thursday.
NikonSniper Steve

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blind Human Pinball

Well, I am back having breakfast at O'Hare now after spending 14 hours of leisure at home. Yes, I feel a bit like a human pinball.
Where to now?
Tucson via Dallas.
Sounds fun?
I hope to catch some sunsets on the cactus before I fall asleep tonight. I will be spending a quick visit or two in Phoenix on Monday and head down to Sierra Vista in the evening. As you can probably tell ... I don't use a "professional" travel agent. I do everything flying by the seat of my pants.
80 miles in 30 minutes?
Sure! I'll get a tank of gas on the way.
Well, that's one way to live. It annoys some people but it's the norm for me.
I hope to be home next weekend because I really need to get a pit stop at the eye doctor. My new glasses have been sitting in his office for a month. But they don't just give them to you ... they fit them to your face.
Huh? Seriously? You mean my wife can't just pick em up?
No sir, we need to make sure you are seeing properly through the right portion of your glasses for all conditions.
Mam, I can't see out of the glasses I am wearing, ... what's the difference?
I'm sorry sir. We just don't do that.
Well, maybe I'll drop by next weekend. Maybe not. I could be in Barrow, Alaska.
They aren't worried. I paid for everything already.
Well, I hope you all have a terrific Sunday. I'll try to catch you a sunset tonight.
NikonSniper Steve