Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sitting At Las Vegas Airport

Well, I'm here watching all those one-armed bandits going strong at the Vegas airport. I think everyone is hoping to make up their losses before they board their flights. People seem to be a little more snippy than when I arrived a few weeks ago. "Sorry Sir, ... I can see the hangover is still running hard at ya today."

I love what everyone says when they are leaving.
"So, how did ya do?"
"I broke even", they reply.
HilaRIOUS mOOhOO HA ha hahahahaha!
That's funny! I can see them building another monster casino from the airport waiting lounge ... AND your wallet looks only as thick as the credit card that got you here.

Well, I know there are winners out there. BUT, I know I wouldn't be one of them.

BUT, today ... I am the winner ... because I get to go home. Heading back to Chicago after 18 days of Arizona / Nevada rodeo bull ridin'. I covered 3186 miles of yippee-ay-yea since my arrival.

SO, ... Stay tuned for more pictures from Illinois and Wisconsin in days ahead as well as many others from previous trips to Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico. Next trip will be to the Los Angeles / San Diego areas starting on December 6th.

Thanks for all your support and kind words while I tread water on the road. Still hoping that Braff starts his own travel advice / sports satire / and hair care column with NikonSniper.

All the best. Home in a jiffy!

NikonSniper Steve

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NikonSniper Now Featuring Braff Zackton

Well, as many of you may know ... I don't really like to write too much on this blog. BUT, ... it is clear that many are asking for more interaction in the written form. I recently wrote about my latest idiotic travel event when I was driving to Payson, AZ titled Asleep At The Switch. Many of you seemed to enjoy this story. It was here that I introduced Braff Zackton. Read the story and comments here ... Asleep At The Switch if you are interested in learning more about Braff.

Anyway, I asked Braff to consider writing on this blog for those of you who are demanding more. Your demands are being heard! I was recently with Braff and discussed this with him. He was eating Nachos at the time as I recall it ... Braff said, "Uhhhh, No!" So there is a good chance Braff might reconsider and become a featured writer with NikonSniper. Braff's clearly uncertain response has prompted me to think of a name for his weekly post ... you know, something really creative like, "Braff Was Here". So anyway ... stay tuned for more news.

All the best, NikonSniper Steve