Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Going Home

Well, I survived! I am sitting at the Denver Airport having breakfast and reviewing all the photos I captured that I have yet to release. Colorado is an incredible State! But, believe me I will be glad to get back home after this 17 day tour of duty.
Colorado, you are a great host for we who pass through your wonders. I met some seriously friendly people here. I even had to be frisked by the State Police! Dad would have been so proud! No convictions. Great people. Colorado also has great landscapes. I know that isn't news. I have really felt the altitude at times. I can't wait to get back to Chicago's chewy air. But the beauty here is incredible. I know I made it to 11,200 feet above sea level at one point. I am sure those of you who seek altitude know where to find higher spots here but I was on a pre-chartered course ... and that's not too bad for a guy who fell off a turnip wagon in Maxville, Ontario, Canada.
I got to visit with a very close friend and associate pastor of a church in Montrose. He's the guy that climbed into the giveaway box in the photos. The trip was a hectic race through Colorado in many ways driving roughly 2,900 miles in 16 days but my visit in Montrose was very timely and relaxing ... even though Gary decided to take me to the edge of cliffs in sections of a mountain that were clearly falling down. At one point he looked out the window and said, "Look, an avalanche". How exciting, I thought! I tried not to cry too loud but it was dangerous in my book.
When I turned the car in to Avis this morning, the guy didn't even bat an eye at the mud. I don't think they care that much. I was so proud of my "mudder". That Saturn was a fun ride.
In the next few weeks I will continue to post shots from the Colorado trip as well as a backlog from other travels. I look forward to seeing family again. That's one thing that is tough about the road. But, I should be home for a bit of time now.
Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement. Keep on shootin' folks ... you're bound to hit something! I know I shot 15,000+ on this trip so I am bound to have a few good ones.
NikonSniper Steve

Thursday, May 13, 2010