Monday, February 11, 2013

The Return Of The Wild West

Light As A Feather

Let Me Encourage You Today

A while back there was a comment from Bush Babe. She is from Australia and was speaking about "photography snobs". I won't repeat the whole comment here ... but if you want to read it you can click here on comments and scroll down to where Bush Babe comments and I replied.

Near the bottom of that string of comments is another one from MCCasey. MCCasey said, "I thought I would use my camera for stock photography, but every photo I submitted was rejected. So, I thought to myself, why do I like taking photos? I love it because I can't draw or paint, but I want to share the beauty I see around me. I am not good enough for stock, but if I can share some of what I see with others I am happy."

MCCasey, here's what I think ... IF no one in the entire world liked my photos ... I would still take them ... just because I like them. I'm really not competing with anyone in photography ... except myself. I am constantly trying to improve my own ability but even if I don't ... I am still going to take pictures.

If you want to know more you can read this older article My General Guidelines To Photography that was written in response to frequently asked questions that were sent to me.

MCCasey (or any of the rest of you), ... never give up shooting! If you get up every day, turn your camera on and put your life on continuous fire, ... sooner or later your bound to hit something awesome ... and in that process you will learn. And the next time you will hit more and more. You are getting better over time. I am living proof you can get better beause my photography was truly horrible when I began with my first camera. You couldn't even tell what was in the pictures. MCCasey, keep shootin'.


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