Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waterflow At Temple Of Sinawa

Heading Home

Well, folks, we are in Las Vegas for the night and will spend most of Tuesday flying home. I have tried to stay a day ahead in my posting in case I hit a hotel with severely primitive Internet service.
Susan and I have covered roughly 1,400 miles, smashed 1 rental car window, lost a National Parks Pass, drove through heavy snow and several bought of hail. We still managed to take approximately 12,000 photos. These trips are like a rodeo ride.
I look forward to returning to this area with my son, Kyle, in less than 3 weeks. I hope you enjoyed the posts thus far and I have now placed many in reserve to post in months and years ahead. This trip altered my travel plan of attack for my return next month as I need to cover some things better in different weather.
I have to tell you ... this is a blast to experience together with your wife of 31 years. The handiwork of God is STILL very evident in this great land. From the racing lizard to the gracefully bounding deer, from blushing flowers to the cactus needles, from the valleys to the ice capped frozen red pinnacles of Bryce Canyon, God's hands are clearly shown.
Friend of mine, you are NOT an accident. A loving God made YOU! The Bible teaches that nature shouts out declaring there is a God. This God wants to know you in a personal way. I pray you would find him.
You may think I am nuts! That's OK. But have you ever wondered if God was there? I challenge you to earnestly pray "God, if you are out there, help me to find you." If you will really seek for truth, you will find Him.
Thank you folks for commenting along the way. It has been fun to bring these photos to you in this way. Stay with us as we continue to post from the Illinois flatlands and any other sudden travel stops that I have to make for my real job.
God bless you all.
NikonSniper Steve