Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Packed & Ready - August 9-22

Update: Packed and ready waiting my pickup to head to O'Hare. My next two-week trip is about to launch and will begin in Sacramento on Sunday afternoon. I will be heading to customers in Northern Nevada and Northern California. Here is the approximate route I will be taking along the way. I have decided to work Northern California first and wrap the trip up out in Nevada. As you can see from this approximate map, it does appear I will dip back into Oregon for a few hours again along the way. I will try to get photos as time allows. I should be near the forests that burned last year in California by next weekend so I know I will get to spend some extra time hunting for shots in that area.

Thanks for all your suggestions. Keep them coming. Time won't allow me to hit them all but maybe on the next trip to this area I can plan something.

Additional Schedule As Of Now
September 16 to October 7 - San Francisco Bay Area
October 8 to October 15 - Albuquerque to the Grand Canyon
October 28 to November 14 - Las Vegas and Complete Arizona Loop