Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome Home TARA

Well, folks, tomorrow my wife and I will travel to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX for the graduation of our daughter Tara from 68W Army Combat Field Medic training. While Tara was away she earned her National EMT Certification as well.

Tara will return home with us for a few days after all the graduation ceremony and hoopla but unfortunately she will be leaving home again before Christmas to begin her journey to her new station at Camp Casey in South Korea near the 38th parallel. For those friends and family who are following Tara a little more closely, you can read a bit more about Camp Casey here. We don't know much ourselves yet as we just take military parenting a day at a time. Tara will wear the patch shown above in South Korea as a member of the 2nd Infantry Division.

We will have some very precious hours with her here as she has now been away since Memorial Day doing basic training and now AIT. I will take many photos of her with our family before her departure as we will not likely see her again until summertime when she will get her leave.

We are very proud of all she has done. She has toughed through many things she didn't really like in order to serve her country and even prepare herself for the world after the military ... no matter how long that is from now.

Proud of you kiddo! I knew you could survive anything put in front of you since you managed to survive a Dad who still really needs some parenting education.

May the Lord guide you in everything and watch over your steps. May Christ grow inside you and cause you to fully understand the price He willing paid for you. May your heart learn to trust Him alone in all things and make you yearn deeply for His Word!

You are MY daughter! But God has known you before the foundation of the world. Read Ephesians Chapter 1. He loves you more than we can because He is perfect in every way ... and you know I ain't THAT!

With hearts full of joy anticipating being with you HERE again!

Love, Mom & Dad

Army Goodbyes

Photographing Christmas Lights On A Bull