Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Is My Story, This Is My Song!

Listen to these pipes! I love this rendition of this old hymn classic called "Blessed Assurance." I grew up in a church that would sing this song many times over the course of a year but never quite as good as the voice of Calvin Hunt. Life had many bumps for Calvin but he continued to sing through the toughest times.

Calvin Hunt, born in 1957, was one of eight children. He knew the struggle of growing up as a child of an alcoholic mother who later made a decision to follow Christ. Hunt began to sing when he was 5 years old. Hunt worked at an Italian pizzeria in Queens, New York for four years to help out his mother.

At age 16, Hunt worked construction moved out on his own started a band as a lead singer. Later Hunt married his wife Miriam on April 14, 1984 after returning from his military service in the US Army. Miriam had two children from her previous marriage, Monique and Freddy. Hunt later had two additional children with Miriam, Mia and Calvin Jr.

When Hunt's music group fell through, Hunt continued writing and singing for friends and family. After some time, Hunt became addicted to crack cocaine and eventually, with the prayers of his church, wife and children, Hunt rehabilitated and became a full-time minister. Hunt used his musical gift in the Christ Tabernacle Choir and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers with whom he won a Grammy and a Dove Award.

Hunt was also diagnosed with lung cancer but he continued to perform. His 2008 album, Bridges, was nominated for a Dove Award for Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year.

Hunt has been on radio and television shows like Good Morning America, Good Morning New York and 700 Club, TBN and has played every kind of gig, concert, coffee house, homeless shelter, school, and prison.

Hunt's Love for Christ carried him all over the globe to share Christ with anyone who would listen. Hunt healed from cancer but was called to his eternal home dying from cardiac arrest on December 26, 2009 in Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York.

Wikipedia story altered and cleaned up.


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