Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memories Of Grandpa

This photo was taken by my niece, Brianna, in Canada. It was captured in cottage country, White Lake, Ontario, not far from Ottawa. This serene lakefront property was provided to their family by a loving grandfather as a getaway from busy city life. Grandpa Doug always had a smile on his face when I saw him. He passed through the veil of this life a year ago today ... but memories of his kindness and generosity will always be cherished.

Top 7 Most Viewed NikonSniper Posts

Well, as of this moment there has been 82,293 pageviews on NikonSniper since starting 28 months ago. I guess I started my counter on the blog after there had been roughly 13,300 hits.
NikonSniper has grown to 9,513 pageviews in the last month! WOW! Honestly, I really never saw THAT coming when this whole thing started. Just in the last two weeks, we have been visited by people from 74 countries. That's CRAZY! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... for all your kind words of support!

I never would have guessed that these would be the Top 7 Pageviews. I actually just found out this information myself ... because I actually spent some time reading all this info that is available for you on a Stats page. I had no idea all this info was here. Thanks again to all of you. I hope you continue to enjoy what you see here in years ahead.

#1 Worship The Creator's Majesty - 861 Pageviews
#2 Merry Christmas 2010 - 437 Pageviews
#3 Fall Wild Flowers - 330 Pageviews
#4 Childhood Fishing Creek - 299 Pageviews
#5 Sittin' On A Bluebird House - 211 Pageviews
#6 Thanking God For The Voice - 207 Pageviews
#7 Rango Makes Hollywood Billboards - 194 Pageviews