Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Well, as promised, I am back! I really appreciated the rest and that I didn't lose all of you in the process. I hope your Christmas was great and that you are going to have a very safe and prosperous new year. Missed you all and so appreciated your kind wishes.
Over the holidays, I experimented with more abstract colors. I also woke this morning to a great fog opportunity. Chicagoland has still not been hit with anything substantial in the way of snow so many of the photos I am taking these days are not all that different than late fall shots. I look forward to bringing as many new photographic opportunites into the mix this year as possible. We shall see what God allows to pass in front of my lenses this year. Stay tuned. Great to have you back.
God bless. Happy New Year!
NikonSniper Steve

New Years Party

Sunrise On Fog Hill

Farmer's Bridge

Christmas Peekaboo

When Our Soldier Came Home For Christmas