Saturday, March 26, 2011

99 Stupid Questions & Answers .............. From The Nut Pushing The Buttons

NikonSniper (sassy self portrait)

1. why are you taking this survey?
This survey was sent to me by a blog follower ... so I did it. So, ... would I jump off a building if someone asked me? Yes, Dad! But only if it was a bloggie.

2. do you miss someone right now?
Uh, right now, uh, no. I’m alone though. Does that mean I am self-centered.

3. do you wish you could change the past?
Seriously, I’m 53, that’s the stupidest question I have ever heard. No one this age lacks regret.

4. what was the highlight of your day?
Seeing my latest granddaughter propped up with pillows in the living room.

5. who could you trust with your life?
Jesus. My wife. Maybe my kids on "good days" only. Perhaps a few friends when I am in town.

6. are you often misunderstood?
I am rarely understood is a better way to say it. I live to keep people guessing.

7. how many rooms are in your house?
Counting bathrooms? 15. I actually only live in about 2, sometimes 3.

8. what are you doing tomorrow?
Going to church. Working on taxes.

9. who did you spend the day with?
My Mom. Saw all my granddaughters today. Watched basketball with my oldest son and his wife.

10. do you live by a schedule?
No. I live by another house.

11. who do you have the most fun with?
I am happily married. I'll leave it at that. I am not stupid enough to answer that question wrong.

12. do you mow your own grass?
Yes, I guess I do … but only 4 times a year. I have a college lawn boy who does it all while he is home.

13. can you change a tire?
I can but I won’t. I would rather get photos of the guy from AAA doing it.

14. are you a push-over?
Gee, uh that sounds like you are asking me if I get to wear the pants around here. Maybe you are just asking me if my three daughters knew how to work me. Not sure I wanna answer that.

15. do you have any children?
Yes, We have 5 grown children.

16. are you in a relationship?
All human experience is some form of a relationship. So, no, I don’t live in a bubble. Yes, I am married.

17. what is your dream car?
A HumVee full of cameras and lenses.

18. what do you want for your birthday?
From a store? Nothing, for real, I want nothing. I get more out of being with my family.

19. describe the best day of your life:
Best day? Wow! They are all good. I won’t say some obvious things to appease the curious. Here's what I can say ... When I was little kid, I accepted Christ as my Savior. I don't remember the date but I know I did that. Ultimately, nothing else really matters compared to that!

20. have you ever been betrayed?
Oh yeah … even by some of my readers. That’s OK. It’s all good.

21. do you have many friends?
I have many friends in the “Hi, how are ya world”. But I think like all of us … there are some you let inside to challenge us. You know, … the honest ones that you know care for you … so you listen to their advice and observations. Our family is fairly close knit. There are 3 men that are very trustworthy in my life. God sent them to kick my butt, chew my ear off and just to sit and laugh with during tough times.

22. do you have any enemies?
I know there those who do not like me at all. I have not made war with them. If you read the things written on this blog, you might imagine that I have a lot of people who disagree with me. That’s OK.

23. do you watch a lot of tv?
No, I have gone 8 years with no TV in the house. There is a TV now but I do not watch it.

24. what do you do to relax?
Photography. Computer stuff. Spreadsheets.

25. do you tan?
HAAAAAAAAAA! I am Killer Whale white!

26. are you wearing make-up?
No, I only wear make-up when I wear high heels.

27. what are you looking forward to?
Heaven! All kinds of stuff. Seeing my Dad again. Vacations with my wife.

28. have you ever lost a loved one?
Yep. Closest one was my Pop back in 2007.

29. do you have a tv in your bedroom?

30. do you shop at the dollar tree?
I do not shop. What is a dollar tree? Didn't God tell the Israelites He was sick of their dollar tree?

31. do you like to buy for others?
Actually, that’s probably a flaw of mine. No, I don’t. My wife does all of that usually. I did get involved more at Christmas last year than all other years combined.

32. is there anyone in your life, you wished wasn't?
If only I could just write someone’s name here and they would be gone! I am sure I would be that name for some people. Because I can’t write their name and have them disappear … I won’t be putting their name here. You know who you are! If you say that you are one of them the next time I see you … I’ll just say, “No, not you!”

33. what time do you wake up & go to bed?
By 10PM I am usually settling down even though I may not fall asleep for hours. I usually wake up at work after my second large McDonalds coffee.

34. do you like to be alone?
I am alone alot. I think it is good for me in some ways. I pray a whole lot more. But I don’t want to be alone-alone.

35. do you follow trends?
No. I don’t follow trends nor am I a trend setter.

36. do you think highly of yourself?
Well, I like me. I think that’s somewhat normal no matter who you are. That doesn’t mean I have to be first. It doesn’t mean that I even think I am good looking. It means more like … I am happy enough with me that I don’t really deeply care that I am different or considered weird by some. I am a this is me, take it or leave it kinda guy.

37. would you be president if you could?
President of what? The USA? Seriously, what a boring life! I would rather be the president of Nikon.

38. are you an artistic person?
Not sure.
Maybe yes, if you ask that question again with a Boston accent.

39. do you think you have a good personality?
It’s good enough for me.

40. do most people like you?
No. I haven’t even met most people.

41. how do you feel about teenage parents?
Hmmm. Where is this going? I think they could have been studying for their ACT’s?

42. what makes you angry?
Noise. Mosquitos. Bills. Surveys.

43. are you a christian?

44. what jewelry do you wear everyday?
None. No rings. No watches. No chains. No pierced stuff.

45. have you ever had feelings for a friend?
This is stupid.

46. are you a shopaholic?
No. Sometimes I am a buyaholic. I never shop.

47. do you sleep with a fan on?
Yes, even in the middle of the winter, I run two fans in our bedroom. The noise is bliss!

48. rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold.

49. what is your idea of the best vacation?
Anything Australia. There are many other great places I would love to see. I always want vacations that bring new photographic targets.

50. are you a jealous person?
No. I have been jealous of things that I see are good in people. I am sure I have been jealous in bad ways too. But I am really not a jealous person.

51. do you like to dance?
I wish I knew how but I ain’t going to lessons. So, if I can’t get the automatic dance lessons chip stapled into my neck, I ain’t gonna get it.

52. are you very affectionate?
Yes, within my family only. I am not a huggy kinda dude. You know those people that automatically hug when the meet after work ... I am so not one of those people. I guess I am not a really touchy feely person.

53. have you ever been to court?
Yes. And I am proud of every time I have been there.

54. ever been to jail?
No. No convictions.

55. are you athletic?
Not no more.

56. do you have more girl friends or guy friends?
I have virtually no female “friends” outside of my direct family.

57. does anyone hate you?

58. do you have a walk-in closet?

59. how many shoes do you own?
I dunno. All of them I guess. I'm pretty sure I am done with the payments.

60. what will you name your children?
I already named them Erin, Joel, Tara, Kyle & Leah.

61. do you believe in fate?
I believe in Jesus Christ. I guarantee you He will do more for you than fate!

62. what are your dreams like?
I don’t usually remember my dreams.

63. do you work?
I go to an office but I actually sleep under my desk for 8-9 hours a day. It’s awesome!

64. what are you going to do after this?
Probably ... get fired!

65. who will be the next person to tell you they love you?
My wife? After she reads this nonsense online.

66. how many cities have you lived in?

67. what color is you comforter?
Green. Geniuses pick green.

68. are you more realistic or idealistic?

69. how often do you get on the internet?
Daily for sure.

70. do you have any phobias?
Yes, a bit of stupidquestionphobia.

71. do people judge you?
I sure hope so. Who cares.

72. how many times have you been in love?
Well, it's a long story. There was this cat we owned when I was five called Cocoa. It got hit by a car. Then we got this other cat and we named it ... uh, Cocoa. Does that count as one love or two?

73. are you judgmental of others?
I am sure that I am. Like I am starting to really think the person who wrote this is an idiot. Is that judging? Cause gee, I sure don’t wanna judge.

74. are you a stubborn person?
I can be if I need to be.

75. do you gossip?
Well, sure. That’s good, isn’t it?

76. what music do you most enjoy?
Probably old church hymns more than anything. Jazz too.

77. are you a drama queen?

78. have you ever felt like your were going to die?

79. have you ever been in a wreck?

80. are you close with your family?

81. what do people compliment you most on?
Pictures of stuff.

82. do you smile at strangers?
No, but I will for a little extra cash.

83. have you ever broken a bone?
Yes, I have broken my own bones and have also had the privilege to break them in others.

84. what makes you really mad?
The lack of leadership in this country.

85. have you ever been robbed?
Yes, but not at gun point.

86. what is your worst fear?
Fear itself?

87. do you have any prized possessions?
Well, my Fourth Place ribbon for the 1968 Elementary School Play Day that I received in the 4th grade is pretty stinkin’ special. I hope my kids bring it to me for one last look when I'm on my death bed. Oh, yeah, my family is a prized possession too.

88. have you ever been engaged?
Yes, for about 15 minutes out in front of the courthouse.

89. have you ever flown in an airplane?
Well, yes. Actually I have flown a bit.

90. do you have a green thumb?
No, but I wish I did.

91. would you rather go out or stay at home?
Stay at home … unless, I can go out to play.

92. what is your ideal career?
An incredibly funny photography field instructor that is also a world renown jazz pianist / plumber.

93. do you miss your childhood?
No. I keep very close to me at all times.

94. do you go to the beach every summer?
Nope. I go for pictures every time I am near the beach.

95. would you take care of your elderly parents?
OK, If I have to.

96. do you like kids?
Not always. Is that a bad thing to say? Of course, I like kids.

97. where do you like to shop?
I never ever ever like to shop.

98. do you get sick a lot?

99. do you take a lot of pictures?
Funny you ask.