Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heading Into The Fog

I'm heading into the fog right now. I'll be back again someday. Not sure when right now. I'm tired. I need to evaluate what I am doing with my time.
Life for all of us is like living in the fog. We can see a few of our next steps but we can't see far into the horizon. We don't know what we are heading toward in our lives. 
In the distant fog, I know Christ is there for me! That is reassuring. Direction and guidance are always available if I call out to Him. The more I call out ... the more the fog lifts. The more I see!
I just need time now. I am still photographing. I have some big events scheduled that will bring me back.
Thanks to all of you who have come here and shared your words.
God bless.
NikonSniper Steve