Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Take A Guy" / "Leave A Guy" Box

Perhaps some of you recall that Pastor Gary has been featured on NikonSniper in the past. He is still a crazy bike pedaling fool in mountain country and proved to still have the ultimate skill in athleticism when he climbed into a "Take One / Leave One" box in a Colorado cow town.
Gary has always wanted to have a blog of his own but he is a little too busy to have daily or even weekly posts. It takes him too long to type. HA!
So, Gary agreed to climb into this box for me as long as I told the world about his amazaing ability in photography. So, ... I am quite happy to show you some of his very best photos over the next few days. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Some of these photos would be impossible for me to get as I would never be able to handle the 15+ mile walk through bear country. Which is insane!

Oh Look, It Says, "Bump ... A Head"

I had a surprise visit from a dear friend who is in fact an Asssociate Pastor at Cedar Creek Church in Montrose, CO. Over the past few days we have visited and had some great laughs together. We caught up with what has been happening in our lives and we had some great and encouraging conversations.
Gary is from this area in Northern Illinois. This is where we met. I have visited with him in his Colorado home and have seen a bit of his world and the surrounding beautiful mountain terrain. Fortunately, Gary can take a joke ... or let's just say we probably would have never been good friends. Here is a photo of Gary from several years ago that I took at Green Lake, WI. Oddly enough, he still looks the same.

Life On A Mountain

Awesome God Of Creation

Slabs Of Sand

Room With A View

When Trees Of The Forest Fall

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful Photography Award #1

The first winner of the NikonSniper "Beautiful Photography Award" is ... Adrian Petrisor of Romania. I love his beautiful real life expressions and beautiful landscapes. There are photos showing people at work that fascinate me. Breathtaking landscapes that leave me jealous to see with my own eyes. Check out the link to see his work and see if you aren't left with a feeling of being transformed into a world unknown by most of us. Well done Adrian!
If you would like to suggest a candidate for consideration for the next Nikonsniper "Beautiful Photography Award" please send to
nikonsniper steve

Quiet Morning At The Stable

Life Under The Lake Street EL

Standing A Century On A Solid Foundation

Fancy Weeds