Friday, July 24, 2009

Feel A Bit Like Dorothy

On Saturday, I will be heading back to the flatlands of Illinois. Illinois does not have the variation in terrain that is in the Pacific Northwest ... but still I am looking forward to getting home. Truly, Dorothy said it best ... "There's no place like home." I miss my wife, kids and grandkids and well, ... I haven't told the dog to shut up in almost two weeks. That alone is going to feel great!

I am sure most of you feel drawn to some area of the world. That's home for you. Well, I am heading back to the quirky little town of Woodstock, IL. Many of you have seen Woodstock but do not realize it. Woodstock was used in the filming of the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day". That is where home is for me. And, yes! The people are as weird as depicted in the movie.

Washington and Oregon have been a great adventure for the 4+ weeks I have spent in your mountains, rivers, desert fields, ocean fronts, forests and cities. My eyes have been opened. I always envisioned the beauty from photos I had seen before I came ... but there are many wonders that were a complete surprise. This has been a great experience. Many of the recent followers that have joined us are from Washington and Oregon. I thank you for all of your suggestions of what to visit along the way. I have driven 5500 miles of your roads on these two trips. In the words of the Terminator ... "I'll be Bach".

I hope you will continue to look in on NikonSniper as I continue shooting from Illinois. My next trip has been scheduled. I will be returning to Northern California and Northern Nevada from August 9 to August 21.

Thanks for all your support.
NikonSniper Steve