Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jesus Wasn't Just Another Good Man

Listen up!
I want to make sense here. I am not trying to start a riot.
Sometimes I hear things that make my brain scream inside. I guess I just need to start somewhere.
I recently heard a discussion where someone proposed that perhaps Jesus was just a really good man. I wanted to yell, "No Way" as loud as I could. I know this person did not say this about Jesus in order to cause a conflict. In fact, they may have said it in order to deflect any possible objection to their view. I sat quiet and did not interupt. I guess I just believe that it is absolutely impossible that Jesus was simply a good man.
What would you say? If someone asked you, "Who do you say Jesus was or is?", ... what would you say? I hear so many people say or indicate in some way that Jesus was a good man or a good teacher. I almost think it's funny now ... because if you think about it ... Jesus being a good man isn't really even a possibility.
After all, ... Would a good man deceive the world? Would a good man tell people to throw all their trust upon him? Would a good man tell the world that he was the only way to get to God? Remember, it was these claims and others that got him crucified. I believe only a wickedly cruel man or a perhaps a complete whackjob would make these claims if it were not truth. I think I owe a lot of my thinking on this subject to a writer named Josh McDowell.
Josh writes that Jesus either:
a. willfully told people that he was God while knowing full well that he wasn't, or
b. was delusional, sincerely claiming and believing he was God when he in fact wasn't, or
c. was in fact God.
So, either Jesus was Lord, a Liar or perhaps a Lunatic. Others have written that Jesus could also have been just a Legend proposing that perhaps he never really existed. What do you think? Don't worry ... all views aren't right ... but all views will be tolerated here!
I think most people are happy and very accepting of all kinds of world religions. I think if I started a blog telling people that I was in to Zen, Krishna, Marijuana and Yoga ... most would think that was cool! It's very interesting that as soon as you evoke the name Jesus ... it seems many want to run for cover or poke fun at the idea of believing you need a Savior. I believe many people simply do not want to confront the person of Jesus at all and that possibly there are many who may believe that if they put their head in the sand every time Jesus is mentioned that they may not have to be accountable if in fact Jesus is Lord.
I dunno. What say you?
NikonSniper Steve


Flutterby said...

I heard once said that Christ is "No ordinary man." My thoughts on Christ is 2 pages of my book We Are One, my story of survival of severe childhood abuse. If you are actually interested in my opinion I will share that He was no liar or a whackjob. I have endured liars and whackjobs through my belief that Christ is exactly who He says He is.

Anonymous said...

Simeon said to Mary, Jesus' mother: "This child marks both the failure and the recovery of many in Israel. A figure misunderstood and contradicted - the pain of a sword-thrust through you - But the rejection will force honesty, as God reveals who they really are." Jesus came to set the record straight and be the bridge between God and man. Josh McDowell is an excellent source to understanding who Jesus really is.

becky said...

It seems that Jesus was also very humble, kind, and compassionate... and I could not imagine him taking offense to someone saying that "perhaps Jesus was a good man." Was it the "perhaps" that bothered you? Hmmm. Ok, yeah, maybe if someone said "perhaps Becky was a nice person" yeah, I'd probably prefer if they left out the "perhaps."
I guess it would depend on the intonation of of the person speaking the words... so it would be hard to make judgements... and there is a verse in the bible about judgements anyhow~ saying we shouldn't make them. But we do that all the time, make judgements. Even me... and I REALLY try not to.
I think there are some people that are tolerant of world religions, yes... but a lot that are not, & are willing to kill & die for their religious beliefs. I know a few Christians that cast judgements,too... especially in regards to other religions. I don't think people in general "poke fun" if you talk about Jesus... have you had that happen, really? Well, you asked 2611 people what they thought- so that's what I'm thinking. Oh, and I do happen to do yoga... ummm, but it's not a religion... and if i refer to zen... to me it's just about not being so attached to the outcome of everything. Anyhow, interesting post... I'm sure you'll get a lot of feedback.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I believe C. However I don't judge those that don't, that's not my job.

"The Case For Christ" is an incredible book that really made me think.

Good Post.

Stephanie said...

Amen! C.S. Lewis also said, Lord, Lunatic, or Liar. There are no other options. (from Mere Christianity - Awesome book)

Daniel & Sonja said...

Well said - there simply is no sitting on the fence with Jesus!

Karen said...

Well... the first thing I noticed was that hearing a simple observation or thought process of someone else's that did not match your belief in Jesus "made your brain scream inside".

I believe the problem with religion is when it becomes radical. I believe all people have the right to their beliefs...and who is to say who is "right" and who is "wrong". You'll have what you believe is proof of your religion and someone else will have proof of theirs.

I am one of those who would make your brain scream and I hope this doesn't offend you. What I know is I don't have all the answers and science gives us alot of clues, but it also doesn't explain everything. I do believe Jesus may have been an exceptional person and teacher in a tumultuous time and by some he was misunderstood and certainly horribly mistreated. I won't say you are wrong because I simply don't know that.. but I am tolerant of other views (those that don't believe in inflicted harm) because there are many.

Unknown said...

I believe He is the Lord and to me proof is in your photos.
Creation testifies of Him.

Tri-James said...

You can ask the same as B for yourself. I am sure that you sincerely believe that Jesus is the son of God simply because you feel it deep in your ‘soul’. It must be true. There is no other possibility. You feel that this is the truth. Someone could easily say that you are delusional and a lunatic.

It would not make you a bad person.

Heckety said...

I'm with Stephanie and my Dad often quotes that book. Dad summed it up once with: If Jesus was a good man he was the wickedest that ever lived. I think people are so egotistical they have a problem with the idea of 'God', and its got worst with each generation.

Jessica Brunette said...

Logically speaking, how could someone who taught with tenderness and love and forgiveness be a lunatic or a liar? There is only one name that could bring so much contention -that's Jesus Christ.

The Good Cook said...

In my life I accept C as the correct answer. I know plenty of "good" men (my husband included) and they are no where near God status.

Anonymous said...

To minimize Jesus to where He is not Saviour is a coup for the fallen angel, and it is to dismiss the entire New Testament -- and much of the Old. We have examples of Jesus' healings, but also raising the dead: Lazarus (after days in the tomb!), the 12 yr old daughter of Jairus, and the widow's son. Good men cannot restore life to a mortal, nor chase demons out of any --and John tells us that in all the towns He went, everyone brought their ill and suffering and troubled to Him, and that to have recorded everything He did and all whom He healed would've taken many many books. Sometimes, for others' sakes, I wish we had those many books... but it's really our job of faith to pass Him along.

Thanks for mentioning our Jesus today. God bles you.

Joe Cap said...

Jesus is the Word of God made flesh.
He is both God and Man.
The only way we could be redeemed for our sins is for a perfect man to do it...and there are no perfect men.
God had to do it Himself.

John Medd said...

Hey Lord! Don't ask me questions.

Rose said...

Amen! I have noticed that it's OK to mention "God" because God can be whatever or whomever a person decides for himself that God is. But the minute you mention the name "Jesus" you become some fringe lunatic. I am happy to say that I KNOW who JESUS/GOD is and have no trouble believing Jesus is all that He say's HE is!

Amy_Fire said...

When someone believes differently than I do, I respect their beliefs. I tell them either that I hadn't heard that perspective before or that I accept them and their belief, even if I do not believe the same. I let them share their view and then calmly and simply I would say something like, "I respect your belief. I personally believe Jesus to be my savior and redeemer." As far as a legend goes, it is easy to brush off something as false if you haven't seen or experienced it for yourself. We live such short lives, we could call anyone that came before us a legend or mythical. People are silly but we are all different and view the world differently. We all have different beliefs, these are simply my own beliefs that I hold sacred and true to my heart.

Helen said...

My answer is C. No doubt in my mind about it. Helen

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you aren't one of those "Christians" who's afraid to speak the Name and Truth of Jesus in this "Jesus-lite" era.
When I was younger and first heard about the man I'd one day marry, I thought he sounded like just another good guy. But as I came to know him and invest some time in him, there was more to this good guy. When I entered into a relationship with him, I realized that he loves me more than he loves his own life. After 29 yrs. of marriage, he IS me and I AM him - we are 'one'.
People today don't understand (and actually fear) that kind of intense and committed love. So, of course they would not understand the One who is "Absolute Perfect Love". They fear that this intense, Divine "Love" would restrict their freedom - instead of realizing that Jesus really sets them free.
May the Holy Spirit soften their hearts and help them to realize that only Jesus can fill their void and set them free.
Who is Jesus to me? He is the definition of "Love" and we are "one".

Closed said...

Jesus is my savior. It doesn't bother me what people say about him or his followers.

I will defend someone else's right to express their opinion, even if I don't agree with it.

Isn't it awesome that we live in a country where we still able to express ourselves?

I adore your pictures, btw! :)

Jennifer said...

I think this is amazing - and it has answered a question inside of me with the YES of as big as I have heard inside myself in A VERY VERY long time.

Thank you - and in all my searching, all my questions, all my wondering it has all pointed to the fact that Jesus is LORD!

Unknown said...

People are amazing. They will sit in a chair and trust it to hold their weight, ride in an elevator and trust it to get them to the next floor, but do not want to trust in God who is all.

Angel Cher ♥ said...

First I like that You brought it up;

I believe Jesus Is Our Lord and Savior.
I believe that He is the way and the light.
I believe in The Holy Trinity.
(the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

I know that there are so many that tell Me Jesus was just a good Man but I always tell them He IS the Son of God.

We are an AMAZING people, We are such a technical being... We endure pain thats incredible, Our veins are as intense as the woods, Our Minds both memory and thought are infinite, Our Hearts are big and loving and Our Souls DO know Jesus.

Only a God could make us a perfect creature, We were not just an grown nor were the wildlife and animals- We were created by God Our Father and Jesus is Our Lord and Savior.

We Live On Forever, Our Souls are like the Holy Spirit and Remember all even after this life is through.

Jesus is Lord and through Him we do get to Our Father In Heaven.

That is what I believe.

God Bless,

Angel Cher

Knight Writer said...

I do believe Jesus existed. I don't think he was "just a good man" I believe he was a messenger and inspired by something larger than I can ever understand. I also don't think he was ever the only of such men.

My tow cents or less...

@eloh said...

Christ is my Saviour.

Alan said...

I have been reading all your comments, and I find it amazing that anybody would doubt that Jesus is the Son of God. The world today wants to make 'heroes' of everybody. They worship these heroes,and all their stuff, to the point that they can't see past this world. It will be a sad day, when Jesus judges the lost and says, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I NEVER KNEW YOU". We need to pray for the lost everyday. Thank you for your post, and your pictures. God bless you.

T.D. said...

First of all thanks for sharing this. It was encouraging for me to read your post and then the comments of fellow believers.
I think, being of the same faith as you, I understand why hearing someone's opinion of Jesus being "just a really good man" would make your brain scream inside. For me, it would not make me "upset" in an offending way because they don't believe what I believe. But that would give me the knowledge that if that person remained unchanged in their denying the sovereignty of Jesus (and refusing to acknowledge Him as their Lord and accepting Him into their heart and their lives), they would, in fact, be going to hell when they died. And I use that word as the real place. And to know that any person is on their way to hell breaks my heart. To be in hell will be spending eternity separated from everything truly good. Perhaps that was your heart when you heard that person?
Jesus came to earth fully God and fully man to die to save this world of sinners, myself included. But you know, unlike the other people who founded religions, etc. and then died, Jesus didn't stay dead. He is the only one who rose again and lives forevermore. And boy, am I grateful!

Romans 5:8-10-- "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life."

So as for me, Jesus is my Savior and my God; I will not ever hesitate to say it. To those who said the same here, Lord bless you.

P.S. I wouldn't be judgmental or "beat up" anyone who doesn't share these views. They aren't a "bad person" in my eyes. However, I think I fall in the radical category , and I do endeavor to share the Gospel, as gently and humbly as I can.

Thanks again Mr. Steve for this post and all your photos! :)

will said...

Who really knows. But one thing's for certain, people want to believe in forces beyond the scope of the normal senses - so JC would have been invented to fill that need. The mystery of death is fertile ground for the imagination.

Jeni said...

Personally speaking, I believe He IS God's son, as well as my Lord, my Savior and a host of other things too that could apply there. But if I were describing him perhaps to someone who knows nothing whatsoever about Him, I might start with a simplistic statement that He was a Teacher, a thinker, a good man -easy to digest terms perhaps and then, work my way up to trying to explain the Holy Trinity and good luck to trying to explain that one maybe! Faith, belief in the Word of God -not easy things to explain to those who perhaps have no knowledge whatsoever about any religion much less Christianity. Some say it's a simple thing to explain this to others but if it were that easy then one would surely expect all then to become believers wouldn't you? Each has their own method though of acceptance and belief in His Life, His Works and I don't believe it is within my own power to discern what words others chose to use in their particular belief. Probably this doesn't make good sense to try to explain these feelings, my ideas, but that's how I feel, how I believe, anyway.

NikonSniper said...

thank you all! every last one of you! every last differing oppinion of faith and our individual experiences. i am very encouraged by ALL of the responses.
these kind of expressions in some of our day to day circles can create more heat than light. one thing that may have been lost in my writing is the tone. the tone was not to be condemning in any way ... and i am deeply sorry if that was missed. but i think you would all agree that these topics are thought provoking in some way to all of us. and i generally believe they are mostly positive.
i will periodically state things that may appear half-baked, perhaps in order to hear your thoughts and responses. often, even the titles i choose for photos are designed to add feelings that may encourage vulneralbility and a willingness to respond.
thanks so much for your involvement in this blog. you are what makes it interesting! i so enjoy you all.
God bless you all.
nikonsniper steve

NikonSniper said...

no you wouldn't offend me at all! i support your right to a view and that it should be respected! i think i really blew the tone with you. i am so sorry.
nikonsniper steve

Flutterby said...

I am interested how myself and others keyed in on different parts of your words. I reread your message several times and realize that by changing emphasis the message almost seems to change. Now after reading again with your further insight, it takes on yet another tone. I think this has been one of the most thought provoking blogs I read in a while.

@eloh said...

That's the "bad" thing about the net... you can't "hear" how something is said. Mostly, and it takes awhile, if you are someone's "follower" you pretty much know how they mean it.

Susan said...

Dear Steve - I KNOW Jesus is the Christ and our Redeemer. If only we could REALLY understand the depth of the Atonement and what that means for each of us - even those who claim not to believe in Him. When the Holy Spirit bears witness to you, you KNOW in a way that cannot be duplicated, imitated, or erased. He is our Savior. Anyone who has an open mind and heart, and asks in all sincerity, will know that He lives. I KNOW. He lives.

Lillian Robinson said...

Knowing Him on a personal basis, I can attest to His deity. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I don't know why that should make someone angry. I don't judge others for their beliefs, but I'm also not shy in sharing mine.

Erica Melugin said...

Lily answered firmly and surely and truly to the core. Since I also know Jesus, I can tell you exactly who He is, because He's told me! He's the Son of God.

Marcie said...

If Jesus is your personal savior, you know that you know. Simple

I do believe the progressive left has been trying it's best to destroy God in our culture for many, many years. They created this new age period teaching Jesus was just another wise man. silly...sad..eternity is a long time.

Anonymous said...

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