Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something Bigger Going On Out There

Folks, ... Amidst all that is coming unglued in this world there is a drama being played out in each and every one of our lives. There is something bigger happening out there than mundane daily conversations about weather and football scores. A choice is being made for our eternal dwelling place. We are choosing it! It isn't being forced upon us. The God of the Universe is trying to get through to you.
There is a God and He loves you so much that He sent Jesus, His only Son for you. Many say they believe in Him today and do nothing different as a result of that claim of belief. Many who "profess" to be a Christian are nothing like what the world knows was taught by Christ.
There are so many today that think that God is SO loving that He won't judge sin! They believe that, "Hey, If He loves me enough to send His Son ... I must be pretty cool. He won't make anyone go to hell." Wrong! God is offering His only Son as a payment for your sins. In doing that, God offers you everything in Jesus! If you reject that offer ... His perfect Son ... don't you believe He will judge you? Read about God's judgments in the Bible. He is SERIOUS about SIN!!! God made you in His image with the ability to choose. God will enforce the judgement of YOUR choice. You choose darkness instead of the light found only in His Son ... and God will see to it that you get your choice.
The Bible says that no one is good enough to earn heaven. Not me! Not you! There isn't enough points for you or me to earn by walking old ladies across the street (by all means keep helping the old ladies). Heaven is a gift. That gift according to the Bible is offered in Christ alone (John 14:6, Acts 4:12, John 3:16). The bigger thing happening out there is that quietly everyday Jesus is asking you and me, "Who do you say I am?" And we answer that question honestly by the way we live and respond to Him. We answer it by where Jesus is placed in importance to us. Do I ignore Him? Do I just say, "I believe" ... and yet live without consideration of Him? Or, ... Have I really given Him control to help me live the way He wants me to live?
If a building is on fire and I remain in the building, ... I could say, I believe there is a fire. In fact, I can feel the heat. I can hear the crackling of wood. I can smell the smoke and I can even SEE the flames. But, if I don't turn and leave that building, ... did I really believe? We can at least say my belief wasn't a saving kind of belief if I choose to remain in the building.
Everyday, I place these photos on this website so that the world might see the beautiful handiwork of our God. Heaven is going to be awesome! I want you to get to see a glimpse of His majesty that I have seen and recorded with my cameras. The most important thing for me is that you find the joy in discovering that Jesus is alive and well and offering you the choice of an eternity with Him or in utter darkness separated from God. Do you know Him? You can!

Lord Jesus, thank You for showing me how much I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for me. Please forgive all my failures and sins of the past. Make me clean and help me to start fresh with you. I now want to receive You into my life as my Lord and Savior with all my heart. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Please do not think that praying a prayer is enough. This is a heart issue. Even the Devil knows that Jesus is God. Many people will miss heaven by 18" (the distance from their brain to their heart). Having the free gift of salvation offered in Christ alone isn't just a tag on prayer ... it's just a beginning of a life in Him. The gift of God is free ... but accepting that gift should be a life altering experience. It should cause you to get up and leave that burning building.

I urge you to find a Bible and start to read the Gospel of John. Also, find a Bible teaching local church and shock the world by walking through the door. If you need any help, write me. Send me a note to I want to pray for you either way.

Lord bless you ALL today. I pray you find the truth in Christ!
NikonSniper Steve


msmariah said...

Hi, thanks for the follow. I'm a Christian as well. My blog is about science fiction, but it's nice to see Christian bloggers. Keep up the good work. I'm following you now.

Mellodee said...

I am very sorry that you lost your job. It seems that your faith will give you strength during what can be a very stressful time. I understand your need to share your thoughts on your faith.

However, I came to your site to admire your photographic skills. I enjoyed the quality of your photos. I especially enjoyed your clever captions. I am very sorry to see that your focus (pun unintentional) has changed to one of a religious nature. Your faith is not my faith. I do not wish to change.

I am not interested in following a site which has become mechanism for prosletizing to the world about your beliefs. Therefore, I am removing myself from following your blog.

I will miss your photos.

I wish you the best of luck in your job search. I hope that your faith gives you peace.


NikonSniper said...

you are a dear! you will be missed.
nikonsniper steve

Judy said...

Thanks so much for the uplifting message! I needed the reminder, today. May God bless you, nikonsniper steve.

Unknown said...

Amen, Stephen! I needed your reminder too. I think we all do each day! God's grace is a free gift to us. It's there for the taking, because of what Jesus has done on the cross. I wish everyone would have a relationship with Jesus. I couldn't really "LIVE" without Him!

dj trish said...

Wow1Perhaps you could be an ordained minister.You tell it like it is!
Not only a message of hope but a warning too!In other wards we must be honest with God and each other.
You are truly blessed with insight!
Peace and Love

Patrinas Pencil said...

Good job, Steve. I did a similar post last month. The Holy Spirit just said it was time. He must be talking to a lot of us about the same things these days :) I appreciate the way you framed it - very open and heartfully clear.

so glad that we can freely share about God - doubly glad that we are family.

Blessings to you - I am praying FAVOR over you right now. God has you covered!

Patrina <")>><

Gene Gallo said...

Steven, your pictures have been great and I have enjoyed them. Sharing the scripture is ever greater. Those who are not in agreement need not read it. I have stories and oictures on my Blog but I never leave the "Lord" out or his word. Check it out at
Thanks "God Bless"