Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Must Tell You About Jesus

I'm selling out for Jesus. The world offers nothing better!

I wonder, ... who will you wish you had told about Jesus? I know that’s a provoking question. It provokes me!

Imagine that eighty years from now you are in heaven. I believe 80 years would be long enough to place all reading this post into the afterlife, the state of eternity. So, imagine that you are in heaven and pondering the days of your “earthlife” and thinking about whom you wish you had clearly told about Jesus. Who would that be?

Perhaps, it will be someone who did make it to heaven. Perhaps, it will be someone in heaven ... but they were completely unaware that Jesus meant anything to you at all when you were here on earth. Or worse, perhaps it will be someone eternally lost.

I have some people in mind as I write this post. I have some regret as I think about past relationships and our encounters in life’s journey. Many are people that God is still placing on my heart to pray for and look for an opportunity in the future to tell them about Jesus.

I understand this line of questions may seem strange to you. After all, ... won’t all the good people be in heaven?

The Bible teaches that the basis of receiving eternal life is by faith and that it is found by believing in Christ alone. In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” Eternal life is a gift that is accepted or rejected. It is not earned in any way by what we do.

If you think about it, ... salvation that is by faith and not by works is actually really good news! Consider your life and think, ... Do I really want to stand before God on the basis of what I have done? Many people think they will be ok because they meet their own standard of "goodness". That isn't God's standard!

Find a Bible and read Matthew Chapter 5 for a better glimpse of God's standards. See verse 48, God requires perfection and I know there is none that meet that standard. God knew that we were hopeless and helpless to save ourselves.

SO, because God knew WE could do nothing worthy of salvation, He offered his perfect sacrifice for our sins. Jesus paid it all when we could do nothing. God knew we had no way to approach Him based on our filthy rags of effort. So God in His love, did not spare His Son, but gave Him as an offering for us so that we might be able to receive salvation. The question for all of us is, ... What have we believed about His Son? Have we received this offering from God or are we avoiding His offer and trying to find our own way?

In trying to find your own way, you are rejecting Christ. How do you think God will feel about you rejecting His Son after He allowed Him to die for you?

Followers of Christ have the truth to tell a dying world without hope.

It is love that compels me to make my plea to you to receive the gift of God, ... Jesus!

Most people are living their lives without regard for Christ. In doing so, many are wishing and hoping that they will be "good enough" to go to heaven, … when getting to heaven isn’t achieved on the basis of being "good enough".

Eternal life is offered to you on the basis of receiving Christ. (See Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9, John 3:16, John 14:6, Acts 4:12).

As believers, we need to invest time and effort telling our friends of the good news of life found in Jesus. Too often we muzzle speaking about greatest thing that has ever happened to us.

If I really believe in Jesus, … and if I really have experienced his love and forgiveness, … and if I know He is unlimited in His capacity and ability to love and save the lost, … shouldn’t I be willing to tell THAT to someone I call a friend?

YES, I believe in Jesus … and for good reason. And no, ... I didn’t have to commit intellectual suicide to come to a position of faith in Christ. The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is incredible. And you can experience new life in Christ today … and eternal life in Him forever!

I want to be the kind of guy that tells you about Jesus. I don't want to be the guy who is too quiet and too reserved to offer you the hope found only in Christ.

I want to encourage those of you who believe in the Son of God to lovingly reach out to that friend of yours. Pray that God will give you the strength, humility, courage and boldness to speak up for Him in a world of hurting people. If I refer to anyone as my friend, … shouldn’t I be willing to pass on Jesus to them?

I am making a list. I know there are people I need to tell about Jesus! This post was for me too! Speaking up requires living by faith. Some of you knew me for years and I may have tried to communicate my faith to you but I fumbled at communicating it to you in a way you could understand. But I want to move on from those failures and live my days to tell others gracefully about the truth that is in Christ alone. I am praying for each pair of eyes that will read these words.

God bless you.

NikonSniper Steve


Unknown said...

Thanks for this article! definitely made me think..so much of the time I'm trying my hardest to be a Christian & I forget to spread God's love to others. Thanks for the reminder.


So very well put!
(Don't we all wish people to come to Biblical truths as they did for John The Baptist in the Bible!)

Years ago (in the 1970s) I clipped this poem:
Still to this day-- I feel incomplete in my communicating to others all that's in my heart.

Luke 19:21
American Standard Version (ASV)
"In your patience ye shall win your souls."

My friend, I stand in judgment now
And feel that you're to blame somehow
While on this earth I walked with you day by day
And never did you point the way
You knew the Lord in truth and glory
But never did you tell the story
My knowledge then was very dim
You could have led me safe to him
Though we lived together here on earth
You never told me of your second birth
And now I stand this day condemned
Because you failed to mention him
You taught me many things, that's true
I called you friend and trusted you
But now I learned, now it's too late
You could have kept me from this fate
We walked by day and talked by night
And yet you showed me not the light
You let me live, love and die
And all the while you knew I'd never live on high
Yes, I called you friend in life
And trusted you in joy and strife
Yet in coming to this end
I see you really weren't my friend
author unknown

Nava said...

Brave--Bold--and True!

FunnyLadyInRed said...

Thank you for writing and sharing this.

I will be returning to re-read from time to time.

Yours in peace,

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing so candidly your testimony. And, for the encouragement to me to remember to share mine with others.

NikonSniper said...

that's incredible! sorry it took so long for me to see those words clearly! better late than never!
nikonsniper steve